coming soon

Coming Soon!

In addition to our ongoing mobile service we will be expanding to provide the high quality food and service you have come to expect in our new restaurant.
Craft meats and craft beer at 2827 16th St North.
Projected soft opening January 2017.
Check back here and on our Facebook page for updates.


Our Smoked Pig Roast

A smoked whole hog will serve up to 125 guests, if you have more guests; we`ll bring more hogs!

Pig picking is a pleasure that only comes from a beautifully smoked whole hog!

We cook your whole hog in the style called "The Racing Position", the presentation is half the meal, after all we do eat with our eyes first!

A Pig Roast

Slicing open the Smoke roasted Pig

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Slicing open the Smoke roasted Pig

PIg Picking at its finest

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Come and Get it

Please contact us via email or phone if you have any questions not covered here!